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Six Word Stories ...

The community was created when our moderator was reading through his feeds one day and came across this story from wired in which they asked authors of all genres to write six word stories. Your trusty moderator then decided it would be a good exercise in writing seeing as how it's such a cool idea.

It is inspiration and exploration and creation. It is what you make it, so long as you make it six words.

Do,Please ...

Write a story in six words.
Write, edit, delete and be inspired.
Write lots! Multiple stories? Multiple entries!
Use the tags! We have four that are pretty self explanatory!

Don't, Please ...

Don't use more than six words.
Don't use titles. There's no need.
Don't spam the community, it is annoying.
Don't introduce yourself. Just start writing.
Don't promote communities here. There are plenty of comms out there for that.
Don't post anything dealing with raping someone or anything that will lead to sexually explicit content. That is meant for your journal. This is not the place or the time for that.

Clarifications ...

01. Each entry/post you make into sixwordstories should contain, in it's entirety, exactly six words, strike outs included. If you go over the limit, you will be asked to edit the post. After an appropriate amount of time, if it is not corrected, the post will be deleted.

02. Your post should contain one story and one story only. if you have more than one story to share, by all means, make another post.

03. OOC information, should not be displayed in titles. This means you should not put anything in the subject line of your story.

If you wish to denote “verses” you may use the Location and Music tabs within reason. You may also write it in a cut.

For "OOC" and "META" we now have tags for you to use! We think this will be most helpful.

Ex: *Lj-cut text=“My Verse/This is totally meta/Locked From”*

Ideally your cut will also only be six words, but for now we will allow for shorter cuts so long as they don’t go over six words.

This is not the only way to denote verses, by any means. Some idea may include linking to verse explanations, or icons with the verse name on them, or some other clever way of explaining it that the mods haven’t thought of. Just as long at the post is only six words.

“my verse=I am writing six more words” is an eight word post, and would not be acceptable.

04. Fandom based content is welcomed as well as encouraged, muse interaction drives this community. Though be aware that some journals that post here are personal journals as well, and they are welcome to interact on a mun to mun level. This sort of interaction is also encouraged. We invite everyone to get to know each other, and have fun.

05. Do not flood the community. What does this mean? Quite simply that you should at least wait for your previous post to clear the community's front page before you post again. Yes, we do encourage you to post multiple times, but this does not mean for you to post 2-6 or more times in a single hour. Be aware that you are not the only poster in this community. Everyone here has a story to share, and everyone here should have the chance to share it. Flooding the community will often hide these post, and can cause a great deal of upset for other community members. Treat others as you would care to be treated.

06. Have fun, avoid fights. It's simple. If you have a problem with a player or a poster (related to RP or not) here in the community, do not directly call them out within the post itself or the post's comments. There are more appropriate places to take this sort of conflict or criticism. If, for any reason, you do have a problem with a poster PM the mods immediately. The inbox will be checked regularly for questions, problems, inquiries etc. Any post that is reported and is subsequently found to be causing harassment or in violation of LJ policies will be deleted without warning.

However, with regards to RP, the fine line between IC fighting and OOC attacks will be judged carefully, on a case by case basis. Again, the latter will not be tolerated anywhere within sixwordstories. This line is sometimes difficult to determine but do not think we are not paying attention. Muses or muns that are continually brought to our attention might be asked to cease posting or find another home.

If you feel it absolutely necessary to criticize a character or a player, and it is from an RP setting, we direct you towards bad_rpers_suck. If you want to air personal issues concerning someone/something else and it is not RP related try rants or another appropriate community.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, if a player wishes to praise an RP character, we ask that you keep it out of the SWS community and instead go to some lovely places like fangirlingthing or good_rpers_rock.

Suggestions when posting!
We have four tags now (five if you count the mod's tag): roleplay journal, personal journal, ooc, meta. We suggest you use them to your advantage! Especially as they are currently new, and already seem to have gained a lot of use.

Also! Please try to keep in mind how long your status tabs are. Try to keep them short and sweet. Thank you!

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